Ariana Grande #Slayed her MTV Movie Awards Performance

Superero mtvHosts Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart blew the audience away at MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. Their chemistry on stage was easy to see, and they were not afraid to push the limits. They even went as far as wearing tights.

The enthusiastic hosts were not the only people to blow people away. Ariana Grande gave a mesmerizing performance of her new hit single “Dangerous Women”. Grande’s rendition of the song has an unexpected twist–this time she sang the song a capella and an accompanist. This performance had a classier side. Grande was dressed in a beautiful long satin  pink strapless gown, a white fur shawl, a diamond necklace, with her hair pulled back.Clearly, Grande was channeling old Hollywood for this performance.

The singer made here were group of men posing as paparazzi with old fashion cameras snapping photos of the performer. Grande seemed to float across the floor as she made her way to a personalized stage that had piano player and composer, Jason Robert Brown playing the intro to song waiting for her. On the stage, was baby grand piano with the word “Dangerous” written across it in pink of course!Ari black silo

The performance felt very secluded due to the lighting and the well lit stage. Above the singer in the “Grande Hotel” were sexy silhouettes of dancers with pink lighting in the background. Although this version of the song was a little different from the studio version, the performance was just as good. It was a refreshing new take on the song. Some think Grande looked like a modern Marilyn Monroe. Watch the video of the performance below and tell me what do you think?(You’re Welcome.)

If Ariana Grande wasn’t an adult before, she sure is now.

P.S. Be sure to check out the original music video that debut two weeks ago here:

 Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman (Visual) 1” .Visual two will be out soon.




An Analysis of Tracy Morgan’s Emmy Speech

If you watch the video below, it will tug on your heartstrings a little because this seems to be one of Tracy Morgan’s first speech since his accident. Tracy Morgan made his first public appearance after the accident at the Emmys Awards in 2015.

maxresdefaultEarlier last year, Morgan and his friend and comedian James McNair, was in a car crash that landed Morgan in a coma for multiple days. Once Morgan stepped out on the Emmy stage everyone in the room stood up and you can feel the love and warmth. Morgan’s attention getter was an illustration that had a pathos appeal. Morgan quoted his friend, Jimmy Kimmel, said “We’ll see you back here, next year, Tracy Morgan”. I would say this speech was informative because Morgan briefly went over what happened to him and although people were already filled in, people did not hear Morgan’s side of the story until he was able to tell what happened.

Since the subject was so serous Morgan put in multiple funny jokes especially at the end. The audience response, which was laughter showed that they were paying attention and listening to Morgan words. Morgan’s speech seemed to be memorized but with him adapting to the audience so well he might have been giving the audience and extemporaneous speech.

Tracy Morgan has showed the public how to handle a traumatic accident and not only acknowledge but allow his situation to help him get back on his feet.  Sadly, Morgan’s friend James McNair died as a result of the accident.   

Your Holiday Party Needs an Upgrade

One aspect of PR that I really enjoy is event planning. Event planning is not limited to professional events only. With that being said, there are many perks to event planning. Not only do you get to plan a party or event, but you get to be around great people. In order to get great people to your next holiday party consider all of the following holiday ideas to impress your guests.

Create Potpourri

Any holiday party will get a wholesome boost once you make this holiday themed Potpourri. The party room won’t only look festive, but will smell just as nice. Your guests are sure to be in the holiday mood after they smell this amazing aroma. If you would like to try this cozy recipe click here.

Willy pou

White Elephant Exchange with a Twist

An activity your guests are sure to love would be to make white elephant ornaments to exchange with one another. This activity is fun and allows your guests creativity to shine through. Plus, your guests get to take home an ornament they can keep for years.

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Santa Hat Brownies 

Who doesn’t love the combination of creamy chocolate and strawberries?! Pair that with vanilla-mascarpone buttercream and your guests may stay longer than you planned. If you have a crafty bunch of friends, you all could assemble the Santa Hat Brownies and take pictures. To try this recipe click here.


Don’t let your next holiday party loose its sparkle. Be sure to try all of these ideas to have a holiday party that will truly knock your guests cozy socks off. Happy Holidays everyone!

#PRLOVE: Show Your Network Some Love

Being the informed PR student I am, I and many of my coworkers, have heard numerous times NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Since I have heard this from my professors and professionals at professional development sessions I can’t help but think what is the proper way to network? If you don’t interact enough you could loose that connection but if you ask that connection for favors all the time the connection will start to feel mistreated.

Having been to PRSSA National Conference this year, I’ve learned to gain strong meaningful connections. This  does not mean you have to have a huge amount of connections, which would only result in loose relationships. It’s better to have a small network, with deep relationships that will get you where you want to be.

To get a better understanding of what this looks like, I will give you three steps to show your network some love along the way during an Informational Interview.

  1. Have a thoughtful list of questions ready.

Having a list of questions prepared shows you value your connection’s time. Examples would be “How did you get to where you are now?” or “What are the work values of you workplace?” or lastly, “What do you recommend I do to get to where  I want to be?”. I suggested showing off a little something you know about the company FIRST and then asking this last question.


2. Buy their coffee or food.

It’s easy for someone to feel used when it comes to networking because people usually only want to get what they are after from someone. If you pay for their coffee or food this shows that you appreciate their time and is an easy way to show how thankful you are.


3. Ask if there is anything you can do for them.

Doing this also shows that you appreciate the professional’s time. This lets your professional know that this meeting was not just for your benefit. Lastly, asking this question lets people know you are a team player.


Remember your network is not there just to help you, you are here to help your network. Which sometimes means creating questions or buying their food. With the busy of a PR professional, its easy to get caught up and think what can other people do for me, instead you need to think what can I do for my network and show them some love. They deserve love just as much as you do.

How To Prepare For An Interview

Confessions of a Coffee Addict

From Rowan With Love – Scandal Gif-Cap

Why I chose Public Relations

WhatPeopleThinkWeDo_HorizontalWhen people think of public relations they either know exactly what it is or they have no clue. It is somewhat understandable—I mean people know its business but what kind of business? My definition of Public Relations is acting as an advocate for whoever you are working for—even if it’s yourself. Public Relations is not only advocacy, but it is creating and sustaining the reputation of a company or client.

How may one go about this you may ask? Various ways but I’ll give a few.


In Public Relations, research is vital for companies and campaigns. Both quantitative and focus groupqualitative research should be involved. Research builds credibility, which is so valuable. I mean do you want to be that one person who doesn’t know what they are talking about?

Social Media

Some people don’t realize how useful social media is when it comes to promoting a company. Social Media is a great way to reach your target audience and update customers and shareholders when a company experiences a crisis.

News aka Press Releases

New Releases are a document that has any local news regarding your company–this is then sent to a newspaper, magazine or wherever it is needed really. This could be news about an event that could be coming up, news about a new product ect.


Public Relations and events go together like cheese and wine. As I said before, there can be events to help promote a new product or a new program the company is putting on. Recently, at Central Washington University, an event planning class hosted an unofficial TedTalk called CatChat. This was an event that CWU students put together. At this event, people from the community talked about their success in the business world. They also offered inspiring words and food for thought. This event was really beneficial and I learned a lot from it.

If you are someone who didn’t know much about Public Relations before reading this blog, now you do. This career allows me to utilize the skills I already have like strong writing and people skills. If you know me, you know that I am an uppity person with a big bright personality. I feed off of people’s energy and this allows me to excel in this field. I know that I still have a lot to learn but I feel that I am off to great start since I will be an Account Executive for Central Communication Agency (Central Washington University’s student-run public relations firm) in the fall.


The New Pizza Experience: MOD PIZZA!


Named one of the United States “Top 50 Breakout Brands” by Nation’s Restaurant News MOD BUILDINGMod Pizza has taken off and soared since 2008 (Wikipedia). If you don’t already know –which if you don’t shame on you! –Mod pizza is a United States based chain of casual dining pizza restaurants. There are 30 company owned locations in the US. If you are like me, and live in Washington State, there are locations in Yakima, Issaquah, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Bellevue, Seattle, Puyallup, Sammamish, and Redmond. Yes, ,the right thing to do is to get your car keys and your kids (if you have any) and go to Mod, go to Mod right now!

MOD coupleAs I was saying, this private restaurant was founded in Seattle, WA of 2008. A couple in Seattle had an idea that was fueled by “pizza and simple pleasures” ( During this time finances were tight and their boys were hungry. Taking all of this into consideration, the founders wanted to create a place that was inspiring and memorable but had authentic, fresh, hand-made food, made fast–all at a decent price.  The dynamic duo was not sure if everyone would go along with this idea or even if people would show up to eat the food—but people did and MOD was born.

MOD Squad

Once the doors opened in fall of 2008 the creators attracted people who were willing to help create the family environment MOD is known for. This group of people is called the “MOD Squad”. They have helped create “the spirit of individuality, teamwork, and service” this is called “MODness” ( MOD pizza has nowhere to go but up. Just wait a few years; I’m sure more locations will be popping up everywhere.

This pair created “a true no-catch offer” through food. You are able to walk into a MOD pizza restaurant and buy a medium sized pizza aka a Mod pizza with as many or as little toppings as you want for the same price. This company stays true to their slogan:

“MOD Pizza. Simple food for complex times.”

Shiny mod

For more information visit

Most of this information was taken from the all of this information ultimately belongs to them.

KINA GRANNIS: A Sincere California Girl

kg logoKina Kasuya Grannis is an American guitarist and singer songwriter born August 4, 1985 in Mission Viejo California. Her background in acoustic and pop music began in elementary school where she composed piano compositions. She started to play the violin in elementary school and continued all the way through high school. By the age of 15 she started to teach herself guitar.

After attending Capistrano Valley High School, Grannis attended University of Southern Sin me kinaCalifornia of LA in 2003. By her second year in college, Grannis was asked to produce her first album titled Sincerely Me. Grannis graduated summa cum laude in social science with an emphasis in psychology. Kina Grannis was a part of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi societies as well.

Now that you have a general background on Kina Grannis please enjoy the following:

Top 10 Reasons Kina Grannis is genuine:
  1. Whenever she opens or closes a video on Youtube she says “I hope you are all doing well”, which may seem like a small act but it makes a big difference– it shows that she cares.
  2. Kina Grannis is half Japanese and half European American now that sounds like a fabulous mix to me. Yay diversity!
  3. She won Best Web-Born Artist at the 2011 MTV O Music Awards.
  4. When she was in elementary school she composed and submitted piano compositions. Yes, shes smart.
  5. Grannis’ first Youtube video Message from Your Heart was entered into Doritos Crash run kina runthe Super Bowl contest—she won. The prize included contract with Interscope Records.
  6. Grannis wrote a song about one of the most important organs—your heart. In this song, Grannis sings about taking care of your heart, especially since we take it for granted from time to time.
  7. In March 2013, Kina Grannis gave a TED Talk on “Finding Community Through the Internet”.
  8. According to PetaPixel “The music video for the song “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis is a stop-motion animation done with a background composed of jelly beans. It’s a crazy project that required 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans.”
  9. “In October 2008, she participated in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in honor of her mother, raising $6,000 for the organization.” According to Wikipedia.
  10. In 2012, Grannis launched a charity project called Run Team Kina which emphasizes the promotion of health and well-being. The proceeds go to Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In this same year, Kina raised $71,886 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

It is clear to see that Kina Grannis is a selfless person. She want to be successful but she doesn’t not mind helping others along the way. Good job Kina, keep up the good work!Kina now

Below you will find two videos of Kina Grannis “Message from your Heart” and “In Your Arms”.