Relaxation: Taken for Granted?

Nowadays, life is so fast pace it’s easy to be like the “Energizer Bunny” and keep going, and going, and going. Peoples days are filled with so many activities to the point where they end up sleep with sore tense bodies, go to bed, then wake up the next day to do it all over again. I am guilty of this and want to talk about the importance of relaxing for our bodies and for our well being. An added bonus is that you live a happier life.

As people may know, there are so many simple ways to relax. So much in fact, there is no reason why someone cant be relaxed while dealing with the hustle and bustle of life.

Everyone uses their hands so often and don’t show them love. As weird as this may sound, it is a great idea to give yourself a hand massage. Hand massages are excellent for people who type a lot because hands tend to hold a great amount of tension. Believe it or not these massages are a good way to calm a pounding heart. When you get a chance to, grab some lotion or oil and start to rub your thumb against the base of your hand. Another way to instantly feel relief is to sprinkle cold water on your wrists and behind your earlobes. The arteries right under the skin allow the whole body to feel cool, calm, and refreshed.

child rosesThis may sound cliche, but honestly it is really beneficial to stop and smell the roses. “Certain smells change our mood.” Obviously, during a workday you can’t always leave your desk whenever you want just to smells the roses. It’s recommend that you bring a jar in with you, leave it at your work place, and smell whenever need be. My coffee addiction was enabled more when I found out the smell of coffee can help lower stress hormones. Talk about simple, even if you don’t like to drink coffee the smell will comfort you.

mannngosFood and drinks are essential to being alive and one of my favorite things to do. So if it can help me relax, that’s an added bonus. It would seem like most people know that green tea boots your metabolism, but did you know that green tea has a chemical called  L-Theanine? This chemical helps release anger. So the next time you feel like you want to punch someone or something drink green tea. I like to flavor mine with peaches. Mangoes are not only a tropical tasty snack, they help lower stress levels due to a compound called linalool.

I hope that these tips and suggestions find you well. Remember there are small little things you can do to every single day that will help you live a more relaxing life. If you want more tips than I mentioned earlier click on this link below.

3D Printing: Opportunity for Everyone

When it comes to 3D printing “Complexity is free”.The idea Avi Reichental targeted in his TED talk was 3D printing will create “a new era of localized, distributed, manufacturing based on digital fabrication.” Most people know that this extraordinary printer can print any object like a cup, eye-wear, or shoes. I was happily surprised to learn that this contraption is capable of make a comfortable feminine robotic suit for paralyzed individuals like Amanda. Avi Reichental was responsible for making this suit.

General Electric Aviation created the next generation LEAP engine. This engine saves 15% of fuel and would save an airline $14 million. This is good for both customers and the environment.


Google has taken on this new project of creating a block phone.It’s called Project Ara, Hardware=Software.  This would be the first phone that would have multiple functional modules that go into the phone. Talk about innovative.

It is great to look at the optimistic view of 3D printing, but it is wise to think of the unintentional things that can occur with it. Like counterfeiting and ubiquitous illegal possession.

One thing that will remain to be a huge benefit of 3D printing is opportunity. Most people think that this way of manufacturing will stop traditional form. Reichental thinks it will place technology in the hands of the next generation. This way of creating will provide more jobs and give everyone the opportunity to be a manufacturer themselves.