Your Holiday Party Needs an Upgrade

One aspect of PR that I really enjoy is event planning. Event planning is not limited to professional events only. With that being said, there are many perks to event planning. Not only do you get to plan a party or event, but you get to be around great people. In order to get great people to your next holiday party consider all of the following holiday ideas to impress your guests.

Create Potpourri

Any holiday party will get a wholesome boost once you make this holiday themed Potpourri. The party room won’t only look festive, but will smell just as nice. Your guests are sure to be in the holiday mood after they smell this amazing aroma. If you would like to try this cozy recipe click here.

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White Elephant Exchange with a Twist

An activity your guests are sure to love would be to make white elephant ornaments to exchange with one another. This activity is fun and allows your guests creativity to shine through. Plus, your guests get to take home an ornament they can keep for years.

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Santa Hat Brownies 

Who doesn’t love the combination of creamy chocolate and strawberries?! Pair that with vanilla-mascarpone buttercream and your guests may stay longer than you planned. If you have a crafty bunch of friends, you all could assemble the Santa Hat Brownies and take pictures. To try this recipe click here.


Don’t let your next holiday party loose its sparkle. Be sure to try all of these ideas to have a holiday party that will truly knock your guests cozy socks off. Happy Holidays everyone!

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