3D Printing: Opportunity for Everyone

When it comes to 3D printing “Complexity is free”.The idea Avi Reichental targeted in his TED talk was 3D printing will create “a new era of localized, distributed, manufacturing based on digital fabrication.” Most people know that this extraordinary printer can print any object like a cup, eye-wear, or shoes. I was happily surprised to learn that this contraption is capable of make a comfortable feminine robotic suit for paralyzed individuals like Amanda. Avi Reichental was responsible for making this suit.

General Electric Aviation created the next generation LEAP engine. This engine saves 15% of fuel and would save an airline $14 million. This is good for both customers and the environment.


Google has taken on this new project of creating a block phone.It’s called Project Ara, Hardware=Software.  This would be the first phone that would have multiple functional modules that go into the phone. Talk about innovative.

It is great to look at the optimistic view of 3D printing, but it is wise to think of the unintentional things that can occur with it. Like counterfeiting and ubiquitous illegal possession.

One thing that will remain to be a huge benefit of 3D printing is opportunity. Most people think that this way of manufacturing will stop traditional form. Reichental thinks it will place technology in the hands of the next generation. This way of creating will provide more jobs and give everyone the opportunity to be a manufacturer themselves.