Ariana Grande #Slayed her MTV Movie Awards Performance

Superero mtvHosts Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart blew the audience away at MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. Their chemistry on stage was easy to see, and they were not afraid to push the limits. They even went as far as wearing tights.

The enthusiastic hosts were not the only people to blow people away. Ariana Grande gave a mesmerizing performance of her new hit single “Dangerous Women”. Grande’s rendition of the song has an unexpected twist–this time she sang the song a capella and an accompanist. This performance had a classier side. Grande was dressed in a beautiful long satin  pink strapless gown, a white fur shawl, a diamond necklace, with her hair pulled back.Clearly, Grande was channeling old Hollywood for this performance.

The singer made here were group of men posing as paparazzi with old fashion cameras snapping photos of the performer. Grande seemed to float across the floor as she made her way to a personalized stage that had piano player and composer, Jason Robert Brown playing the intro to song waiting for her. On the stage, was baby grand piano with the word “Dangerous” written across it in pink of course!Ari black silo

The performance felt very secluded due to the lighting and the well lit stage. Above the singer in the “Grande Hotel” were sexy silhouettes of dancers with pink lighting in the background. Although this version of the song was a little different from the studio version, the performance was just as good. It was a refreshing new take on the song. Some think Grande looked like a modern Marilyn Monroe. Watch the video of the performance below and tell me what do you think?(You’re Welcome.)

If Ariana Grande wasn’t an adult before, she sure is now.

P.S. Be sure to check out the original music video that debut two weeks ago here:

 Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman (Visual) 1” .Visual two will be out soon.




KINA GRANNIS: A Sincere California Girl

kg logoKina Kasuya Grannis is an American guitarist and singer songwriter born August 4, 1985 in Mission Viejo California. Her background in acoustic and pop music began in elementary school where she composed piano compositions. She started to play the violin in elementary school and continued all the way through high school. By the age of 15 she started to teach herself guitar.

After attending Capistrano Valley High School, Grannis attended University of Southern Sin me kinaCalifornia of LA in 2003. By her second year in college, Grannis was asked to produce her first album titled Sincerely Me. Grannis graduated summa cum laude in social science with an emphasis in psychology. Kina Grannis was a part of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi societies as well.

Now that you have a general background on Kina Grannis please enjoy the following:

Top 10 Reasons Kina Grannis is genuine:
  1. Whenever she opens or closes a video on Youtube she says “I hope you are all doing well”, which may seem like a small act but it makes a big difference– it shows that she cares.
  2. Kina Grannis is half Japanese and half European American now that sounds like a fabulous mix to me. Yay diversity!
  3. She won Best Web-Born Artist at the 2011 MTV O Music Awards.
  4. When she was in elementary school she composed and submitted piano compositions. Yes, shes smart.
  5. Grannis’ first Youtube video Message from Your Heart was entered into Doritos Crash run kina runthe Super Bowl contest—she won. The prize included contract with Interscope Records.
  6. Grannis wrote a song about one of the most important organs—your heart. In this song, Grannis sings about taking care of your heart, especially since we take it for granted from time to time.
  7. In March 2013, Kina Grannis gave a TED Talk on “Finding Community Through the Internet”.
  8. According to PetaPixel “The music video for the song “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis is a stop-motion animation done with a background composed of jelly beans. It’s a crazy project that required 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans.”
  9. “In October 2008, she participated in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in honor of her mother, raising $6,000 for the organization.” According to Wikipedia.
  10. In 2012, Grannis launched a charity project called Run Team Kina which emphasizes the promotion of health and well-being. The proceeds go to Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In this same year, Kina raised $71,886 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

It is clear to see that Kina Grannis is a selfless person. She want to be successful but she doesn’t not mind helping others along the way. Good job Kina, keep up the good work!Kina now

Below you will find two videos of Kina Grannis “Message from your Heart” and “In Your Arms”.